From Edouard de Pomiane’s Kitchen

Happy New Year! We are back from vacation and still setting up The Charlotte. Today, I’d like to start a new series with a recipe from Edouard de Pomiane.

Pomiane’s French Cooking in Ten Minutes is my second favorite cookbook (my top favorite being The Silver Spoon). Much has been written about Pomiane’s little book so I won’t bore you with too many details. If you are not already familiar with him, the gist is this: Pomiane was a French scientist who was fed up with the overly complex and daunting traditional French cooking methodology. He was fascinated by the chemistry of cooking. He wrote French Cooking in Ten Minutes in second-person with a familiar and casual voice. His intent was to uncloak the complex and provide the home cook with simple, easy-to-execute meals. Take a peek here at Amazon to some of the contents.

In these cold winter months eggs are a breakfast staple in our household. Fried eggs, scrambled, omelettes, repeat. Today I’d like to feature a tried and true egg recipe that many of us know, but Pomiane’s adds a few extra details. This is a recipe for soft boiled eggs with mornay sauce.

5 Minute Eggs with Mornay Sauce
– Fresh Eggs
– Butter
– Flour
– Cold Milk
– Salt
– White Pepper
– Gruyére
If you are shopping downtown, Feast will most certainly have your eggs and Gruyere.

Have a pot of boiling water on the stove. Take 2 fresh eggs, place them one by one on a spoon, and lower them delicately into the boiling water. If there is enough water in the pot, it should come back to boil immediately. Wait 2.5 minutes, take the eggs out of the water, put them into egg cups, and, without waiting a second longer, slice the top of the shell off with a knife.

Mornay Sauce
Mornay is simply a béchamel sauce to which you add 2 heaping tablespoons of grated Gruyére before serving. Bring the sauce to a boil, stirring constantly after you’ve added the cheese. Take if off the fire–it’s ready.

Eat the eggs sprinkled with salt, accompanied by buttered toast, mornay sauce and a hot coffee with creame. They’re delicious.

It also doesn’t hurt to have beautiful egg cups to serve these in. The Happy Cook stocks French Pillivuyt cookware and The Covesville Store is sure to have some pretty vintage options.


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