Etsy Finds of the Week: Valentine’s Day

February 14th is still a month out, but I’ve shared some finds on Etsy and some makeup products with the holiday in mind. When buying things on Etsy, one must plan ahead! There is shipping to consider and also purchasing items that will pair well with such purchases. What can I say, I plan in advance for these things. Whether you are buying yourself something fun for Valentine’s Day or dropping hints for someone else these ideas might come in handy…

Vintage Tiffany & Co. Flower Pin Sterling Brooch ($395)

Red Hot Pillow $18

Chunky 60’s Red Rhinestone Cocktail Ring $20

Cherry Red Clutch ($23)

Scalloped LBD $38

Givenchy Cotton Scarf $36

And some makeup ideas…

Valentine's Day

About Stephanie

Stephanie is an internationally recognized calligrapher. She employs a wide variety of calligraphic tools, papers, textiles, inks and found objects to articulate both words and portraits.
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6 Responses to Etsy Finds of the Week: Valentine’s Day

  1. Ross Byrd says:

    Totally. Sweet. Blog. Wow. Please let me know if you guys get any hints as to what Hannah may want. I am helpless/hopeless/lost/a dude.

    • Stephanie says:

      Ross, you can never go wrong by buying her jewelry. Stick to classics like gold, silver or diamonds. There’s also nothing wrong with big, fake cocktail rings. And freshwater pearls are a musthave. Does Hannah have a brooch? Vintage is your best bet here. Lots of places in town sell affordable Estate pieces…hope that helps!!

  2. Cate says:

    OMG, I’m obsessed with that dress. Straight out of Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan, don’t you think? You’ve got the best taste! My birthday comes two days before Valentines day, so usually the stuff I get is a joint deal. I have ALWAYS had valentines themed birthday parties!

  3. Kristin says:

    I know! I LOVE that dress. Great finds Steph.

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