An Evening In

Having two small children has changed the way we approach weekends and evenings together.  Where we used to go out to dinner, we now order in; where we used to go see movies in the theater, we now wait for Netflix.  We love to get take-out Indian, or have Mediterranean delivered from Basil, and we finally got to see the blockbuster Inception for the first time last weekend.  

Sometimes the usual routine can get a little boring and in looking for other ways to spend our house-bound time we have recently re-discovered how fun playing board games can be.

Our current favorite is Parcheesi; fun, simple, and the ‘royal game of India.’  Tonight while our children sleep, we will be battling it out to see who the Maharaja is.

What are some ways you spend your evenings in?


About Kristin

Kristin is a photographer who lives in Durham with her husband and two children; she was born and raised in New York but has fallen in love with living below the Mason-Dixon. Before pursuing photography, she worked as an elementary and middle school teacher. She loves to read, sing, craft, and spend time with her family.
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4 Responses to An Evening In

  1. Michelle Beverly says:

    This is so true! We know spend tons of time in our home doing quality things together. I wouldn’t trade these moments for all of the fine dining experiences in the world. . .

  2. Amy says:

    That sounds EXACTLY like the way we spend our evenings after having our baby girl. We look up shows and movies on Netflix and Hulu, and occasionally break out the board games, traditional and un-traditional: Scrabble, Carcassonne, Cutthroat UNO, and Monopoly Deal (which I personally think is a lot more fun than regular Monopoly!).

    I’d love to know what you do during the day with two small children!

    • Daniel says:

      I played Carcassonne for about 5 straight hours last summer, but haven’t played it since. Megalomaniacal civilization-(re)building in a medieval French town. I nearly fell into an ecstatic coma. Not a day goes by…

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