Handmade Weddings

Just a quick note on this Monday afternoon. I just found out about Handmade Weddings: More Than 50 Crafts to Personalize Your Big Day. It is co-authored by Eunice and Sabrina Moyle (of Hello Lucky!) and Shauna Faust.

I imagine the book is easily adaptable to parties of any sort and not just weddings. At first glance I thought it seemed too au courant, but then again I think most of what we would call “trendy” crafts, really are not that newfangled. There is nothing new under the sun! Incidentally, I bought the Domino Book a couple of years ago when it hit the mainstream bookstores thinking it might date itself quickly and found just the opposite to be true. It is based on timeless techniques.

If I decide to buy the book I’ll be sure to feature a project here on the blog!


About Stephanie

Stephanie is an internationally recognized calligrapher. She employs a wide variety of calligraphic tools, papers, textiles, inks and found objects to articulate both words and portraits.
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7 Responses to Handmade Weddings

  1. Margaret says:

    Ooh, this looks fun. Thanks for the tip on this book!

  2. Just found you guys through Jeannine at Small & Chic in C-Ville.
    Great Blog — I’ll be following!
    P.S. Your banner art is by Charles Dana Gibson, yes?!

  3. The publisher seems to have spread a few copies around the wedding blog crowd…I’ve been trying to win myself a copy. šŸ™‚

  4. Gillian says:

    Just found you, also through Small and Chic. Awesome! So great to have another fun Charlottesville blog!

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