Flying 101

I’m leaving tomorrow morning for a trip to San Francisco! As I was packing, it occurred to me to share some of my must-haves when packing for a flight.

Flying is tricky when it comes to the fashion. What to wear? What to pack? These days the amount of luggage you can bring and carry-on seems to be getting smaller. You can be sure you’ll be doing a lot of walking (and possibly running if you have a small window of time for changing flights). On a recent trip I made the mistake of wearing a pair of 2.5 inch heels on an international flight. I wanted to look chic when we arrived in a cool foreign city. I ended up looking ridiculous! My luggage was heavy and we had a lot of fast navigating to do from the airport to the metro to the apartment etc, etc…

For a while people would spiff up for a flight and it was a special occasion. Nowadays…not so much (um velour jumpsuits?). One of my go-to resources for style direction are my books by Nina Garcia. Her Little Black Book of Style is chock full of great advice. In the back of the book, reputable designers weigh-in on a series of topical questions. Nina asks Michael Kors what a woman should wear on a flight. He suggests “a black cashmere turtleneck, white jeans and huge sunglasses”.

Yes! I love that. And ballet flats. They are so much more comfortable and conducive to walking than heels, and can be easily removed while going through security. I hope you find this helpful the next time you travel!


About Stephanie

Stephanie is an internationally recognized calligrapher. She employs a wide variety of calligraphic tools, papers, textiles, inks and found objects to articulate both words and portraits.
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4 Responses to Flying 101

  1. Great tips! I’m going to Jamaica in March, so this is a helpful read. Although not sure if I could brave the white pants – I always seem to be seated next to some unruly toddler hurling food around. šŸ™‚

  2. Jen says:

    When I fly, I wear a black shirt or sweater, black pants,
    black slip-on shoes. (I usually wear all-black.) I always bring a
    sweater or a pashmina to keep me warm during the flight. Now I need
    to get Nina Garcia’s book…

  3. Margaret says:

    I’ve gotta veto the white jeans. Flights are being cleaned far less frequently these days and white jeans are screaming for airport stains. Though I get the look, and love it!

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