Do you ever feel like you need to get out of your routine? For me, it’s always a desire to go see friends. I spent several years living in the UK (my university days, actually), but when embarking upon that adventure, no one warned me that many of my closest friends would always be a plane ride (and not a short one) away.

Images via souvenirs of a girl and this is glamorous (Vogue UK, February 2011)

About Emily

Originally from Pennsylvania, Emily moved to Charlottesville in 2005. She is the managing editor of a journal at the University of Virginia, and, in her free time, she enjoys exploring Virginia with her husband.
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3 Responses to Wanderlust

  1. Sean says:

    I grew up on the West Coast and have close friends out there…so I understand your frustration!

  2. Emily says:

    Another good friend of mine is in LA and I almost bought a ridiculously expensive ticket out there this weekend! Because, I also could stand to see the sun.

  3. I do so much business travel that I dream of taking a flight where there are no appointments on the other side. I want to go somewhere where I don’t have to wear shoes for a week or two…or three. 🙂

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