DIY: Baby Jar Arrangements

I’ve thought long and hard about this post because it exposes me for something that, especially around here in CVille, could vilify me: yes, I’ve bought baby food. Occasionally, as we are starting solids, my son has had a jar here and there. And these jars, they are just so cute! Recycling them in the bin just seemed a waste. So I decided to see if I could grow herbs and plants in them. Above, is the result. These were seedlings that I transferred into the jars a few weeks ago.

They also make for cute flower containers. These ranunculus were on their way out; I cut them down and gave them a few extra days.

Wrap them in parchment paper, tie with some twine and you have a perfect birthday gift. It’s my grandmother’s birthday today, so the above goes to her, the best gardener (and nicest person) I’ve ever known, whose always been an expert at miniature arrangements.


About Cate

Cate is a former decorating editor of a shelter magazine based in Manhattan, who has recently moved from the Big Apple to Charlottesville with husband and baby. An interior design enthusiast, she enjoys all things aesthetic.
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10 Responses to DIY: Baby Jar Arrangements

  1. Jill Smith says:

    No hate for the baby food user…. what do you do with a large portion of home-made pureed peaches (that took like 20 minutes to make) when baby Plus, making pureed chicken just makes me gag. Go jarred baby food!

  2. Becky says:

    Absolutely no hate, I made my fair share of baby food, but found when we traveled, buying jars was the way to go. Those jars got reused all over the place – hubby’s work bench, my sewing corner and most of all, the spice cabinet. And yes, as a few vases here and there.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I love that parchment paper wrapping!

  4. Abby says:

    Nice, Cate! (Made it onto Re-Nest, I saw! Pretty sweet!)

  5. Amber says:

    Love the re-use of the jars! I now have a baby starting solids… and have been looking for ideas for the empty jars. Especially love the parchment wrapping. Love!

    Shared it on my own blog with credit back. Hope you don’t mind!

  6. Ann Poolman says:

    Hello Charlote

    Just one question on those delightful herb jars. As there is no holes in the bottom, there wouldn’t be any drainage ? I imagine these would be only temporary before putting in the garden or a bigger pot.

    Warm Wishes, Ann from Australia

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Ann,

      Yes I think that is right. There is no drainage and so they would function like little starter pots and then you would have to transplant them into your garden once they got a bit larger. Thanks for your kind comment!

      • Cate says:

        Ann and Stephanie, I’ve actually found that dryer herbs like lavender and thyme stay longer in the small jars, as opposed to the other herbs. but yes, ultimately they’ve got to eventually be planted in a outdoor pot or garden bed.

  7. Cynthia says:

    My daughter started solids recently and we’re feeding her some fresh food and some from jars and I think the jars are too cute to recycle too. My violas are going to seed right now and I’m going to see if I can start some little viola plants in my empty jars. Will require research re collecting seeds, etc. Wish me luck & thanks for the inspiration!

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