Happy Mother’s Day (Part 2)

In light of Mother’s Day coming up, we’re each posting about the one in our lives…

I would love to share some photos and words about my Mom. Most of the images I have of her are from the 70’s and 80’s, taken by a photographer friend;

My Mom is an amazing Mother. She and my Dad had me, their firstborn, shortly after they got married in 1980. They were so excited about having a baby. She loves to tell the story of when they found out they were pregnant.

This photo is one of my Dad’s favorites. I love her pretty pearl ring and necklace.

One of my favorite things about my Mom is her ability to relate to just about anyone. She can converse with anybody and find a way to connect. She genuinely cares about people and puts her family first. Growing up she made sure that she was honest and close with me and my sisters. We always felt like we could talk to her about anything that was on our mind. This was especially helpful during our rough teen years.

She was close to her own Mom and they had a great friendship. Even though my Mom and I are very different, we are still close friends. We talk a couple of times a week and I value her advice on things—even when I don’t agree with it!

Her relationship with my Dad is one that I admire and am thankful for. I love this photograph (she hates it!). I took this at the beach a few years ago with my old Pentax while we were waiting in line for ice cream. It really captures the way my Dad adores her.

This is the most recent photo I have of us together. Wasn’t her dress lovely?

I am so thankful for my Mom and I hope that I’ll be as great of a Mother through the good times and bad as she has been with me and my sisters. Happy Mother’s Day!


About Stephanie

Stephanie is an internationally recognized calligrapher. She employs a wide variety of calligraphic tools, papers, textiles, inks and found objects to articulate both words and portraits.
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3 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day (Part 2)

  1. Kristin says:

    absolutely gorgeous.

  2. The Husband says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Lucia!

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