Summer Cocktail: Mint Juleps

Every year we have fun making Mint Juleps for the Kentucky Derby. It’s sort of been a tradition of mine that I’ve shared with my grandparents and parents for several years now. I don’t know why, I just love horse racing. I find it all so exciting! I’ve even been known to place some bets with a certain bookie friend (who shall remain nameless). But the questions is this: how do you make the perfect mint julep? Do these three things:

1. Use a silver or pewter mint julep glass
2. Use very finely chopped ice, in lew of adding any water.
3. Use properly proportioned, mint-infused simple syrup.

If you nail those three steps, you’re golden. Here’s how we did it last Saturday:

Step 1: Make the simple syrup. Mix 1 cup of granulated sugar and 1 cup of distilled water in a small saucepan. Heat to dissolve sugar. Stir constantly so the sugar does not burn. Set aside to cool.
Step 2: Muddle 20 mint leaves and add mixture into the simple syrup.
Step 3: Take the crushed ice and put it to the top of the cup.
Step 4: Fill the cup (about 2 jiggers) with the Bourbon of your choice.
Step 5: Add a tablespoon of the sugar syrup.
Step 6: Stir very well and garnish with mint sprig.

They were amazing. There are other ways to go about it, but this worked great.


About Cate

Cate is a former decorating editor of a shelter magazine based in Manhattan, who has recently moved from the Big Apple to Charlottesville with husband and baby. An interior design enthusiast, she enjoys all things aesthetic.
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