Great Painter: Fairfield Porter

You’d be surprised to find out that most people think Fairfield Porter was only an art critic, and never produced his own work. The truth is that he was an extremely gifted painter, fascinated with depicting figures in nature. Like other American masters such as Hopper, or European versions like Vuillard, Porter painted “ordinary life” in a wooly, choppy, and painterly way. Each stroke is searching. The color palate: saturated, muted pastels. And how amazing is it that he continued to stick to his representational subject matter during a time when everyone in America was Abstract Expressionist? Talk about authenticity.


About Cate

Cate is a former decorating editor of a shelter magazine based in Manhattan, who has recently moved from the Big Apple to Charlottesville with husband and baby. An interior design enthusiast, she enjoys all things aesthetic.
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