Winter Weekend Guide

It’s cold outside and who doesn’t want to be cozy? Our January guide is all about food and finds on a cold weekend. Perfect for when your friends visit from out of town.


  • 5pm Drinks at the C&O: Ideas? A martini (any kind, they’re phenomenal here), the artichoke pate with olives.
  • 7pm Dinner at Zinc: Ideas? Ask for their French 75 (it’s not on the cocktails menu anymore), the pork belly, the brussel sprouts with lardons, and frites with aioli while you wait.
  • 10pm Check out some local resources for art events: First Friday’s is not to be missed the first weekend of the month. The locally-based Piedmont Council for the Arts’s blog and calendar has up-to-date happenings. The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative is a wonderful collective of artists from Cville and beyond. Amazing events and exhibitions happen regularly in their space located in Belmont. The Jefferson downtown is a music venue with shows in a historic space.


  • Small Breakfast ($) at Albemarle Baking Company. Delicious fresh pastries and a coffee. Simple and tasty. If you are in the mood for a more hearty breakfast / brunch ($$) our pick is the Blue Moon Diner. A diner atmosphere to be sure, but the food is top notch.
  • Stroll: The UVA Art Museum. Stop by the shops Finch and Duo (consignment, top floor) on the corner.
  • Stroll: The Downtown Mall, Lunch ($$$) at Petit Pois. Check out: Derriere de Soie and O’Suzannah. Our thrifting guide has more recommendations downtown.
  • Country drive: Fine beers, a fireplace and mini pizza’s at Blue Mountain Brewery.
  • 8pm Dinner out? Tavola. Hands down. It’s in Belmont. There will be a wait and it will be worth it. This little place is so modern and chic, we love it.
  • 8pm Dinner in? We recommend take out from Taste of China. It’s out of this world. We’ll let the experts tell you why.
  • Out on the Town:

11am: Brunch at l’etoile


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